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Hello to all users, this is an event to bring fame to our server and to reward the better player, to more opportunities of win, there will be 3 winners (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place). we will give great awards.

Of that dealt the event.?
is easy, They have to post (publish)the server in any forum (Latin, or not latin) in order to gain publicity, and more peoplee for the server.

How do I do? - so:

Season 6 Episode 1 + new maps + new items + New Class Charcter
Exp: 6000x
Drop: 80%
Bless Bug: off
Max reset : unlimited
Max stas : 32767
Server Online 24/h 7/d
New Class Charcter
New Skills Season 6
New Monster Season 6
New Items Season 6
New NPC Season 6
New Tree off Skill (SkillTree) 100%
New PCPoint work 100%
New Summoner work 100%
web-page>>> WwW.RhidgersMu.Com.Nu Or
forum >>>>

[b][color=Red]Team Moderators
Web Coder: Core
Moderator: GMBenhur Philipine Area
Moderator: Skylight English Area
Moderator: GMFaramir Spanish Area
Moderator: GMThaMuZ Spanish Area
Moderator: GMInfinity Hebrew Area
Moderator: GMbro Philipine Area
Moderator: GMDeadMan English Area
Moderator: GMKl4us Spanish Area

All Maps:
0 "Arena - Stadium"
1 "Lorencia"
2 "Noria"
3 ''Enbeland''
4 ''Enbeland 2''
5 ''Enbelad 3''
6 "Devias1"
7 "Devias2"
8 "Devias3"
9 "Devias4"
10 "Dungeon1"
11 "Dungeon2"
12 "Dungeon3"
13 "Atlans1"
14 "Atlans2"
15 "Atlans3"
16 "Losttower1"
17 "Losttower2"
18 "Losttower3"
19 "Losttower4"
20 "Losttower5"
21 "Losttower6"
22 "Losttower7"
23 "Tarkan1"
24 "Tarkan2"
25 "Icarus"
26 "Stadium"
27 "Silent"
28 "IllusionEvents"
29 "IllusionTemple"
30 "LandOfTrial"
31 "ValleyOfLoren"
32 "Crywolf"
33 "Aida1"
34 "Aida2"
35 "KantruRuin1"
36 "KantruRuin2"
37 "KantruRemain"
38 "Barracks"
39 "Refuge"
40 "Swamp Campness" Nuevo/New Mapa/Map
41 "Raklion" ----> Nuevo/New Mapa/Map
42 "Raklion Boss" Nuevo/New Mapa/Map
43 "Vulcanus" Nuevo/New Mapa/Map
44 "Kalrutan" Nuevo/New Mapa/Map
45 "LorenMarket" Nuevo/New Mapa/Map


-Happy Hour
-Castle Siege
-Chaos Castle
-Blood Castle
-Devil Square
-Deep Loren
-Illusion Temple
-White Wizard
-invasion Gold
-Search of items
-Event Blue
-Event Halloween
-Event Sky
-Word Shuffle
-Event PK
-Race In Unicorns
-Invasion ''Kumdun In Diferents Maps''
-Raklion BigBoss
-Castle Siege
New Items
New Sets
Server Online 24/H 7/D.

after doing that, put your id of the game (BEWARE) your id of login to the game along with the forum link where you posted the server.
Remember, to more chances to win more advertising. Good luck to all and help grow the mu to be the best.


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