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Post  BARAMOS on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:55 am

You can donate from:
Western Union

This one is simple , look in the item list price , choose what u think will suit u the best and go to the nearest bank tha has that yellow thing outside it & it writes WESTERN UNION on it .
Go into the bank , and tell the lady from the desk that you want to send an amount of money to :

First Name: itzhak
Last Name: Brami
Adress: ZIP CODE: 80300, Ofakim , Israel

Ater that she will give a form witch u will fill in & give the money to her . She will give u recipe that u will take home with you , and on that recipe you got a number MTCN
When u get home , u simply send a mail to with the following data:
*Country in witch you live
*MTCN(that 10 digit number on the recipe u took home)
*Amount you have donated
*Your account name
*Your user name
*What items you want to receive
Donations Place Close For Now!!!

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