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Post  ThePatroN on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:57 pm

Socket System let's your modify your items with socket making them stronger than ever


1. Seeds
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Seeds are jewels that are created at the Seed Master NPC. They are the core of the socket upgrade. There are 6 types of seeds all with different options - Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Ice.

Sets & Shields - add Water, Wind, Earth Seeds
Weapons - add Fire, Ice and Lightning Seeds

2. Seed Options
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3. Spheres
Spheres are empty containers drop anywhere (depends on server). A Seed needs to be combined with a sphere in order to be added to an item. There are 5 types of spheres:
1. Chipped
2. Flawed
3. Natural
4. Flawless
5. Perfect
The higher the rank of the sphere, the better the option you add to the item. A Seed combined with a Sphere produces a Seedsphere.

4. Seedsphere types
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Creating and Upgrading
1. Creating a Seed
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Components needed:
- 1 Excellent Item + 4 or more
- 1 Ancient Item + 4 or more
- 1 Jewel of Harmony
- 1 Jewel of Chaos
- 1 Jewel of Creation

2. Combining a Seedsphere
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Components needed:
- 1 Seed (the one we created ion the previous step)
- 1 Empty sphere (higher type will produce better option)
- 1 Jewel of Harmony
- 1 Jewel of Chaos
- 1 Jewel of Creation

3. Seed Research
To continue the process of adding your socket option you need to go to the Research NPC and choose Mount SeedSphere.
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MU Online Socket System 36182346025591535496

4. Mount SeedSphere
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Components needed:

- 1 Item Season 4 with free Socket (the one you will upgrade)
- 1 Seedsphere (made in the previous step)
- 1 Jewel of Chaos
- 1 Jewel of Creation

5. Remove Socket Option
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I hope you liked the Guide and that helps you in game Smile

Smile Smile Smile

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