All our small EVENTS.

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All our small EVENTS. Empty All our small EVENTS.

Post  BARAMOS on Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:29 pm

Hello all i want show you the
names of our small Events.

1.Event, Hide & Seek.
who find the GM Winner.

2.Event Pk.
All Vs All Who stay in a live Winner.

3.Drop event
NewAgeMU Team Droping Boks/items/etc...

4.Race event
All go Lorencia Cordinates 121 84 Near Potion Girl

5.Find the letter
NewAgeMU Team Give you word and you need complete it like Mar_on = Marlon

6.Question event
NewAgeMU Give you question and waiting to answer from you.

7.Confused Letters
NewAgeMU Team Give you Confuse word and you need fix it like noragd = dragon

8.Shop Event
NewAgeMU Team Open Store you need buy fast more fast more items.

9.Number Event
NewAgeMU Team Choice number and players are supposed to guess number of principal set

10.Double Find
NewAgeMU Team going to hide and say who you need find first, you need find him then you get Hint were can
you find the next Hide Winner get Double Price


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