Rhidgers Age MuOnline Server Rules And Regulations

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Rhidgers Age MuOnline Server Rules And Regulations Empty Rhidgers Age MuOnline Server Rules And Regulations

Post  BARAMOS on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:22 pm

Welcome to Rhidgers Age MuOnline. Please take the time to read the rules and regulations before you begin your journey with us.

These are the server rules(license agreement) you, as a member, agreed with when you installed Rhidgers Age MuOnline.

THIS IS NOT ALLOWED ON Rhidgers Age MuOnline:

1. Exploiting bugs
Exploiting any bugs in the game or website to gain an advantage or put others in disadvantage.

2. Impersonating staff
Attempting to mislead people into thinking you are a GM or any member of staff.

3. Hacking / Threatening To Hack / Unlawful Activities
Take unauthorized access to restricted areas of the server.
Take unauthorized access to another player’s game account.
Using this game as a means of conducting unlawful activities.
This covers a wide variety of possible crimes including hacking, phishing, using key-loggers, scamming.

4. Harassment
Harassing another player or a member of staff, repeated abusive behavior to a particular individual, repeated PKing of an individual to an extreme degree.

***NOTICE***Excessive pking is when one member continues to pk another member continuously. Another form of excessive pking is for one or more person(s) to sit on a portal and pk members as they warp in on a continuous basis.

5. Abusive behavior or language
Includes general insults and profanities towards other players, family members, members of staff or the game as a whole.

6. Trading for real money
All data contained on this server is property of Heroesland. You are not allowed to buy or sell game items for real money. Any attempt to profit from being a player in Heroesland will not be tolerated. You may purchase items legitimately by donating. We will not take any responsibility for you being scammed out of money or game items by illegitimate trade.

***NOTICE*** Buying/Selling Accounts of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED within NewAgeMU and will result in permanent ban of account.

7. Abuse of game files
Use of 3rd party programs to alter the game or altering any game files without permission; this would include any trainers, memory hackers, editing of textures etc.
Using the game files for anything other than their intended use; this includes taking our client files for use on another server, trying to use client files other than the ones available from this website on this server.

8. Disrupting events
We try to run events; however it is very difficult if there is a large gathering of people and some or all are being disruptive. When a GM is trying to make an announcement or give instructions during an event , you must remain quiet. Keep conversations to private messages (whispers). This is common courtesy and it will be appreciated.

9. Advertising
Advertising of other Games and/or Servers is prohibited in Heroesland. This is rude, disrespectful and will not be tolerated in the least.

10. Last but not least, if anyone feels they must use a cheat or hack to further themselves in the game - then this is not the server for you. You will be iped immediately if caught using cheats or hacks. There is no "best" in this game. There is nothing to prove here. This server is about having fun, relaxing, making new friends and simply gaming.

* All punishments within reason are up to the Administration's discretion and/or including IP banning for any offense.

* When multiple rules have been broken, this will be taken into consideration and the punishment may be greater than that of the individual offenses.

* The players record of past offenses will also be taken into consideration; all characters on the same account will be recorded together.

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