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Hello All...

All the Season 4 Items Excellent or Non-Excellent will be in PINK COLOUR.
Season 4 FO(Full Options) Items will be with 380opt+5 sockets, Non Yellow Opt.

9 New Sets Season 4:

Set for BM "Brave":

Set for BM "Titan":
Set for SM "Hades":
Set for DL "Paewang":
Set for Sumoner "Queen":
Set for MG "Phantom":
Set for MG "Destroy":
Set For Elf "Seraphim":
Set for Elf "Faith":
5 New Shield Season 4

Shield for DM "Salamander":

Shield for BM "Crimson Glory":
Shield for HE "Frost Barrier":

Shield For GM "Guardian":
"Cross Shield":

3 New Swords/3 New Staffs/1 New Scepeter/1 New Mace

Sword for BM "Flamberg":

Sword for DM "Imperial":
Sword for BM "Sword Bracker":

Staff for GM/Sum "Demonic":
Staff for GM "Imperial Staff":

Staff for DM "Deadly Staff":
Scepeter for LE "Absolute":

Mace for HE "Frost Mace"

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