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AntiVirus help:
If you encounter problems with our client like main.exe its deleted or launcher its deleted that means your Antivirus software do not like our protections we installed to protect our files.

What you can do to fix your problem:


A: change your antivirus to a serios antivirus

we recomend:

- AVG (has free and payed version)

- Avast (has free version "Avast Home" and payed version)

- Kaspersky (has only payed version)

B: add the main.exe or more better all NewAgeMU folder to the exception list of the antivirus

So they will ignore it and let you run the game even if they see some wrong allerts.

Because there are so many antiviruses out there we can't explain for each of them.

AntiKeylogger protection :

Lately people are using a lot of keyloggers to steal other players password/accounts and then stole theyr items

We come with 2 softwares who can help you to protect yourself, remember nothing its perfect 100% so be sure to have a good antivirus installed, we posted some above.


Anti Keylogger: Download Link : ... logger.rar

Just start it all the time and press OK and it will block all keyloggers he knows

Mouse Keyboard: Download Link : ... yboard.rar

Just start it and type your words using the mouse, the copy them and paste where you want,usualy in password place


Anti-keylogger 9.2 from has an awesome protection against keyloogers of all sorts even blocking the screenshots taken by keyloggers etc

UNHackme from an awesome tool against keylookers,rootkits and everything who can attack you

PS: All the softwares we present are NOT perfect as nothing in this world is, so we will not be held responsible for the way you use or misuse this softwares.
Credits To: DeathGod
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